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Asked by mosso - 5 years ago
i have a pair of soft leather boots but they tend to sag at the ankles how can i treat the leather so that it becomes stiff to prevent them sagging
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worriedsick Level 37 / R.T.(R)(M), BS
Answered 5 years ago
Once the leather begins to form to your body and the leather begins to give in the areas where it has to flex with your movement, it's pretty hard to turn that process around. What you can do is to roll some newspaper up so that is about the size of your leg and place it inside of your boots when you are done wearing them. It will help the boots to hold their shape better.
The sagging at the ankles is like a wrinkle in the skin. Once it's there, it's not going away. All you can do is to try to care for your boots as best you can.
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