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Asked by bassmusicgirl - 5 years ago
1.__ virginia militia commander attempts an unsuccessful invasion of ohio valley
2.__"great Commoner" takes command of british goverment and its war effort
3.__toleration of french hugenots brinks religious peace to France
4.__new france is founded one year after jamestown
5.__Britain issues proclomation to prohibit colonia expansion preventing another indian war
6.__second "world war" between France and britain ends in British victory
7.__British victory on the plains of abraham seals fate of new france
8.__return of louisbourg fortress at the end of king george's war angers colonial new englanders
9.__war begins badly for british when braddock fails to take Fort Duquesne
10.__a great empire builder explores louisiana and claims it for the french king
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Sparky5458 Level 63 / Retired Golfer
Answered 3 years ago
Great question but it is now quite old and most people here do not look back this far. I look at all questions no matter how old. Apparently you have stumped all of those that took a peek at your question without answering it. So here's an answer to why you didn't get an answer. There are a lot of new people on AP so you might want to ask it again. Don't forget the BA button.
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