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Asked by kandllindsay - 5 years ago
what is the color of blood before it leaves the body?
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worriedsick Level 37 / R.T.(R)(M), BS
Answered 5 years ago
The same color as it is when it comes out. Watch your next blood test. The blood comes straight from the vein into the syringe. It's the same color if you cut yourself, or if it's in your body.
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kdolls1 Level 9 / sec, estimator
Answered 5 years ago
From my understanding, blood is actually blue and turns red when it comes to the skins surface. Any nurses out there? I would also like to know for sure
kc5255 Level 38 / Out of the Workforce
Answered 5 years ago
Blood is *never* blue. Blood is described as dark red (venous) or bright red (arterial). Our veins look blue because we are looking at them *through* our skin. The blood inside them is dark red and it doesn't reflect light very well. The blood you see when you get hurt is usually venous blood. Arterial blood comes out in spurts. It spurts every time the heart beats. I hope you never see that
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heather_june Level 19 / Addams Family Camper!!!
Answered 5 years ago
BLUE BLOOD??? You only have Blue blood if you vote Conservative !!!!!!!
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PacoPuddy Level 10
Answered 4 years ago
Blood is red. Blood leaving the lungs is a very bright red, because it is rich in oxygen which combines with the haemoglobin to produce a bright red oxygenated blood. Blood entering the lungs is a dull red because the oxygen has been removed by the cells in the body and replaced with carbon dioxide. But red it is.

"Blue" blood was thought to be associated with aristocratic breeding, becuase these people had no need to work and teir hands remained softd, uncallouse and white. the veins could be seen through the surface and appeared blue through the skin - as the veins in your body will too (look at your inner arms, or under your tongue)..
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