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Asked by dustyboots03 - 7 years ago
How do you test a 220 volt circuit? It goes to a range/oven and has the old three prong plug and box. I have a tester that shows when you have 120/220/277 volts but I'm just not sure what I should see when I touch the different poles.
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Cares Level 14
Answered 7 years ago
The ground should be a almost round hole with flat botton going from to any one of the hot you will get around 120 volts, going across the two flat or L shaped hot holes you will get around 240 volts.

If you are dealing with a 4 prong recpt the seperate ground and neutral should always read 0 volts and to either of the two hots the same as above.


If you get less than 110 volts off of one hot to ground or less than 220 volts across the two hots check with different VOM (volt ohm meter) and if reading is still the same check at the breaker panel/ fuse box if still same low voltage reading call your power company and report the low voltage readings. Too low can cause burn outs in some equip.
Additional Details added 7 years ago
Radio Shack and Wal-Mart have cheap but good for the homeowner VOM for around $10 just remember to never have it on the OHM/resistance scale when reading any voltage. Also never touch the prob metal tips when checking voltage or you just might get a real CHARGE out of it and not in the good way.

Bottom line ALWAYS be very careful.
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