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Asked by sexytail - 5 years ago
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samjustice Level 1
Answered 4 years ago
It is important, especially here in America, to not so much support, but respect and accept the diversity of other cultures and values, because everyone here is different. In order to be able to be successful in anything you have to accept all of the differences you come across. In business, you will deal with many different cultures that see things differently than you, so you may want to change up what you are doing a little bit in order to please everyone, so that your business does well. In medicine, there are certain things that go against some religions or values, so you must respect that the decision they make is the one that you have to go with, or else you can get sued. And in general, you should accept people's differences anyways, because we are all different. There are many different races, religions, morals, values, and beliefs, and when there are those that do not respect and accept it, there is war.
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