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Asked by jayharmon2 - 5 years ago
18000.00 btu gas wall heater that vents outside, air keeps coming in and blowing out the pilot light, what can I do to stop that from happening
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papade Level 46
Answered 5 years ago
most wall heaters (heaters actually set in the wall and not a stand alone unit), vent through the ceiling. i would suggest that you look at the
top cap. this is supposed to let hot gases out unimpaired but divert
rain and or wind from coming in. it might just be a simple fix to buy
a different shape/ style of cap that you can put on the roof. if this doesn't work you can use window screen to cover so the wind is lessened but
i wouldn't wont to do this due to snow clogging up the opening. this would
keep the hot gasses from escaping.
also think about this. when you blow across an end of a tube you are
pushing air across it and drawing air up the tube from the other end.
wind could act like that on the top of your room. is the wind coming down the pipe from the roof or is it sucking air past the pilot from the inside to snuff out the light. ether way i still think that a change of to cap
will lessen your problem.. what do you think? good or bad idea?
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