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Asked by distress777 - 7 years ago
My room mate is hostile, violent, vicious and cruel. My room mate is a Pentagon Employee income over $65,000 a year. There have been 4 incidents of minor acts of violence, harassment and hostilities towards me. I have tried to be patient, but my patience is running thin. I pay the rent on time, keep the apartment clean, buy the toiletries, fix meals for all (3) of us and I have extended myself too far trying to keep the peace. I feel I am being used, misused and abused. My room mate has a drinking problem. I was not aware my room mate had a drinking problem when we all signed the agreement to be room mates. We have been room mates for 6 months now.

This morning there was another incident. My room mate came and threw all my clothes and belongings in the floor. I told her I would call the police if she didn't stop. Then my room mate came towards me and raise her hand to strike me in the head. Her aunt was there and she prevented her from hitting me. I was so badly shaken that I immediately go dress and left the house. This is my first time living with room mates because of the high cost of living here in the District of Columbia, specifically the upper NW area where I work, I thought I would give it a try and enjoy the luxury of walking to and from work. But she has been a room mate from hell!

Do I have any legal rights here. My room mate has terrorist tendencies. She strikes, fear, pain, harm, sorrow and grief at any given time. We are stand alert when she walks in the door. Do I have any legal rights here? I would appreciate all the help and advice you will kindly offer.
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Rkelly_81 Level 1
Answered 7 years ago
It's a lot of answers to this situation. You are better than me.

Yes you can kick her out of you have reason to believe that she can take your life or harm you in any kind of way. If the lease is only in your name you really have a right to kick her out. Most say you have to give her a 30 day notice stated that she has to leave your property through the court.

Also you can move out without notice from fear of danger. I forgot what it's called (watch Judge Mathis) it's alot of this going on with roommates. If you have proof, you should record her abusing you so you will have proof just in case she tries to sue you.

Also however you handle this situation, make sure you live by yourself next time or you do a extended background check and references of previous roommates.

Not sure if i helped, but check this site out maybe this will help.
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HipJipC Level 1
Answered 7 years ago
To quote you: "I have extended myself too far trying to keep the peace" this is a sign of enabling. The fact that this has been going on for quite some time is a dead giveaway. Apparently it is far to late to take the actions of not being or becoming an enabler. For further reference I would recommend:
and as far as your legal action goes, even though you are not in a relationship with this woman, she still lives with you and I believe this could be considered domestic violence ( it sure fits the pattern. You need to seek help immediately and may find information here for the District of Columbia:
Additional Details added 7 years ago
The link is the wrong link, it should be:

and it explains how your roommate situation would be considered domestic violence

sorry for the error
islander Level 4 / retired was computer tech
Answered 7 years ago
do report her to the police. that will complicate her job at the pentagon to no end and it will alert the police that your safety is in jeopardy.

this looney needs to be put in a rubber room for the safety of everyone.

there should be a service in your area that finds and interviews people wanting to share as roommates.

i wish you all luck!

please be safe.
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