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Asked by pamela72653 - 5 years ago
my husband and i are separated because he became abusive and it just wasn't like him. we have always had a very loving relationship and hes my best friend but we needed some time we have tried to talk a few times and he says he wants to work it out but we begin pushing each others buttons and become angry and say things we don't mean. but now he is ignoring my calls and texts. Why ? What is he thinking
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i talked with his dad and he said that all he says is that every time we talk we get into a fight and it hurts. how long will it take before he will talk to me ?
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baninsky Level 18 / Boss
Answered 5 years ago
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pjm1234 Level 3
Answered 5 years ago
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heather_june Level 19 / Addams Family Camper!!!
Answered 5 years ago
I can only think that he needs some space to think and is not ready to return your texts. If you can give him this time that he needs to think and sort himself out - just not do anything, no calls, no texts, then I'm sure he will call you when he is ready.
You don't say how long you've been married or what ages you are, so in that way its not easy to say what may be causing you to fight when you have enjoyed such a close relationship; to suddenly get abusive, is strange.
I hope that you manage to get to the bottom of this soon and can get back to the loving couple you once were, just give him some time.
Additional Details added 5 years ago
I hope you disregard those unhelpful answers below.
pumpkinpie Level 2
Answered 5 years ago
Look about your own life. Let him know you are there for him when he's ready but don't keep going out of your way. He has to decide to want you and want to be a better person.
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