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Asked by doralamae - 5 years ago
left leg feels v ery hot on inside. It is not hot to touch. What is this.
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DrPVSuglia Level 6 / Holistic Physician
Answered 5 years ago
An impinged nerve can cause this. The nerve that is most likely impinged is the L5 nerve and could be due to a disc problem. This is a good reason to visit a chiropractor.
Additional Details added 5 years ago
If this were a blood clot causing your leg to swell, your leg would be obviously more puffed up than the other one and you would be able to feel heat on the outer skin surface of the leg too.
WannKnow Level 38 / L.P.N.,B.A.,B.S.
Answered 5 years ago
Yes it cold be a nerve, or it could be a blood clot or even a deep vein inflammation. Regardless of what we say, your symptom is an indication that something is wrong and it could be serious. Get to a doctor. Good luck, good health and Happy 2010.
messymonster98 Level 1 / tatoo artist
Answered 5 years ago
wen u get a piercing its hot inside because its bleeding inside but idk about a leg
mambo37370 Level 1
Answered 4 years ago
Hi all, is good to have a full lower back xray. My brother in law having this problem. Both legs feeling warm after some walk. Diagnose back nerve and disc problem. Now going for therapy. If cant recover may need to operate. Hope this is helpful to u all.
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