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Asked by screwedintexas2 - 5 years ago
Lord knows i am tryin!
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WannKnow Level 38 / L.P.N.,B.A.,B.S.
Answered 5 years ago
Well, as long as you have included a healthy diet to go with a beer or two a day, then you will probably live a normal length. If you are just drinking beer without other nourishment, you should be wearing out in the next few months as your liver gets eaten up by cirrohsis and your muscles atrophy from lack of nutrition. But you won't care because you will be too drunk to notice! A beer or two a day and a healthy diet is really a decent diet plan. So you figure out your odds from here. Good luck and good health.
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vinginge Level 21 / Ex Rocker with eclectic tastes
Answered 5 years ago
I'll let you know !
Well it won't be me but you know what I mean.
joensf Level 82
Answered 5 years ago
i'd volunteer to be a test subject but the finish line is unacceptable, and since people all react differently, you would need a larger sample.
heather_june Level 19 / Addams Family Camper!!!
Answered 5 years ago
Till you flake out.. ;0 Make sure you're near a loo!!
Additional Details added 5 years ago
Have a stake in Andrex.. ;0
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