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Asked by snewcomer - 6 years ago
What could be the reason why my 2005 Maytag dryer is rattling? It seems as though the air vent line is loose inside the back of the dryer. it is a metal sounding rattle. I've tried reconnecting the outside air vent line... didn't help.
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Nobby21 Level 5
Answered 6 years ago
Could be a loose belt or pulley or just a screw loose. Unplug the dryer, and turn the drum by hand (Anti-Clockwise) and listen for the sound, if you hear it, its something to do with the drive/pulley/belt or something that is supposed to move. If it has no sound it must be a loose part that not driven, either way, you need a repair man. If your a little mechanical minded you may find the noise by removing the rear panel. Unplug before though, good luck.
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lisalisa1 Level 13 / MR/DD Support Specialist
Answered 6 years ago
I don't know but I found a website you may want to check out. Here it is:
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