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Asked by phyllisitas - 5 years ago
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computerhealth Level 4
Answered 5 years ago
137 is definetly a warning sighn, 120 is considered the normal high. Blood sugar levels need to be taken before and after each meal and at bedtime to show when your blood sugar changes. This is only done to reach a conclusion, not as a normal everyday proceedure. Also there is a test that can show you your average blood sugar over many days. Some drug stores carry this item called A1C test.
Excessive thirst, frequent urination, fatigue,weight loss, vision change, tingling in the extremities, and slow healing sores are signs that MAY be the result of a blood sugar imbalance.
There is really no such thing as a diabetic diet. There is however a proper diet for controling diabetes(I know, I'm nit picking) a look on you computer under diabetic diets will give you lots of information. Exersise is also very important. gives a compact, easy to understand explanation.
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ReneeLarson Level 1
Answered 6 months ago
If the blood sugar level is 65 to 105mg/dl then it is considered as normal blood sugar levels for the healthy person. And if your blood sugar levels are more than 125 then I suggest you to contact your physician for necessary steps. Therefore you should maintain some strict diet and lifestyle for healthy life.
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