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Asked by bobbylou01 - 7 years ago
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Canadians tend to only vocally object to the Senate when it actually does something, so as long as the senators do not make a fuss or undermine the democratically-elected House of Commons, they will continue to get paid and enjoy all the perks of the office.
Pretty much because Canadians hate making constitutional amendments and do not want to be subjected to a long, arduous debate about what, if anything, should replace the Senate. As long as the Senate is invisible and quiet, it is easier to forget about the large chunks of tax money that pay for it.
Because of its pointless nature, critics of the Senate have alleged that the institution is fast becoming nothing more than a "country club" for friends of the Prime Minister. Senators get a lot of perks and high pay and they don't have to do much in return. An Ontario professor recently released a shocking report on the Senate, in which he revealed somewhere around 20% of all Senators never even bother showing up to vote. One Senator had even been living in Mexico for the last year, and was still collecting his Senate paycheck. The professor also pointed out that the only time all senators ever showed up for work was on "pay raise" days, in which they would vote to increase their salaries.

The source is a good article on what the senate does.
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