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Asked by aheathcock - 5 years ago
If the present is a moving line between the past and the future it must have a size. If the past has gone and the future is yet to come and the present has no dimension then we do not exist.
One possible answer is that the present lasts forever.I think thats it.
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screwedintexas2 Level 18 / wind turbine technician
Answered 5 years ago
the present is now, now is now, it lasts forever. just like the old saying there is never a tommorrow because it is always today. it is always the present, see what i mean?
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From aheathcock 5 years ago
Clint. I am with you on this one but as the cleverest people in the world do not know what time is,we are in difficult territory.
Tony-ex power station designer and builder.
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rockyabody Level 4
Answered 5 years ago
The present lasts for the shortest measurable time then it becomes the past.
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