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Asked by lapierco - 7 years ago
Are women expected to remove their hats during the national anthem?
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Jeff Level 5 / Banker
Answered 7 years ago
Men aren't expected anymore to tip their hats in passing to women, but they are expected to remove them during the National Anthem. But are women required to do so?

"If it's a formal hat, even during the National Anthem, a woman would not remove her hat," Witt said.

Not everybody understand that rule, however, and some people take offense when a woman leaves her hat on. In those cases, Witt suggests it is better to set protocol aside for civility and harmony. "Sometimes it's better to succumb to the moment," she said.

Why are there different rules for men and women? Nationally syndicated columnist Miss Manners suspects it may have to do with the dramatically different styles of men's and women's hats.

Men's hats are easily removed, but women's hats with ribbons, bows, flowers and other decorations can be quite a production to remove, especially if they're anchored with hat pins.

Fair enough, but what if the woman and man are both wearing baseball caps? Does it make sense that only the man takes off his headgear during the National Anthem? Probably not, Miss Manners suggests. Without the traditional ladies' hat, she wrote, "you cannot claim the ladies' exemption."

Readers also have asked Miss Manners whether women are required to wear hats indoors and outdoors during the day, a question that once would have been obvious, according to Miss Manners.

"Ladies properly keep their hats on indoors, everywhere except their own houses, during the day," she writes. "Luncheons even traditionally required ladies to wear hats."
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agonzlez Level 2
Answered 7 years ago
A woman is not expected to remove her hat, as this is a tradition carried from past times, where women were required to have their heads covered in public and men not to. If a man covered his head, it supposedly was to protect his head during work. So, when an important person came around, a man stopping and removing his hat was a sign that he has stopped doing what he was doing to pledge respect to the authority. Women on the other hand, were required to cover their heads in the same situation. Today, men are required to remove their hat BUT they MUST wear one of those huge foam fingers up high during the anthem... Odd world we live!
Source The Bible: I Corinthians 11
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