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It shares continental landmass with Russia and Turkey(easy to get
their imported spices,rugs, jewels, gold, and timber), and is near
the African coast(exotic hides, meats, fish, shells, oils, and perfumes)
and has had a long history of sea trading (it is 1/2 coastlines as well
as land and river access for shipping, barging). Its location is in the
temperate climate zone mostly, and activities such as farming can
go on nearly year-around. Water and green areas are never far away,
for livestock production. The Alps give fresh clear water, winter fun,
and a sense of vastness which attracts the tourism and hotelery.
Finally its mutual defense capability has had countries come to the
aid of any one country under an attack; [except for Hitler and WW2]
this mutual-defense equation made over-running small countries unpopular or difficult to do, so many fine old structures (not bombed to complete rubble in WW2) have survived for 1000's of years, along with
old customs and fine arts, grand cathedrals, mosques, venerable
universities as in Rome, Greece, Turkey. These wonders continue to contribute to a robust tourist industry, and overall strong economy by each and every country, and historic place there.
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