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Asked by ceara2010 - 5 years ago
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karrilyons Level 4 / studying to become a vet
Answered 4 years ago
i always babysit constantly. i have babysat my neices and nephews. one of my nephews has breathing problems and he like stopped breathing and we had to take him to the hospital and stuff it was pretty scarry but he made it. his flap closed over hsi throat. it has happened two times in his life and hes jst turning 1 soon im pretty sure. i love to take care of children because i know that if i make a good impresstion on them and talk to them about things they will become a great adult and be very successfull. the kids are our future and we want to make it a good one. so lets all try to help and talk to our kids about things such as drugs and sex and that type of stuff so they know what the risks are and how it might affect there life. every child has an oppurtunity to become the best. lets make that happen
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