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Asked by imbd - 5 years ago
The movie "Undefeated" starred John Wayne and Rock Hudson

Jan Michael Vincent was in the movie (25 years old at the time). In the movie he has a crush on Col Langdon's (Rock Hudson) daughter, Charlotte.

The movie was made in 1969 or I should say released.

The girl listed as playing Charlotte is "Melissa Newman" the daughter of Paul Newman.

The mystery is this, she appears to be 16-20 yrs old which would be appropriate considering "Bubba" (Jan Michael-Vincent) has this crush and wants to marry her.
He losses out to Blu, the Indian, played by Roman Gabriel, NFL quarterback in '60s.

Problem: Melissa Newman was born in September 1961, she would have hardly been 7 years old when filming began.
Question: How can this be explained and truth verified ?
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estevens85 Level 1
Answered 5 years ago
I think there is a second Melissa Newman that is the actress in this film. She is not the daughter of Paul Newman and she appeared in a couple of other movies/tv shoes up through 1983 including a Stepford Wives remake. She then dropped out of sight. It would be interesting to find out what happened to her over the past 25 or so years. I was up with some friends last night and we had this movie (The Undefeated) on. I saw her there and she had really pretty eyes which make me come look on Google to try to find out more about her...without alot of success. Hope somebody knows more about her because it would be interesting to learn.
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