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Asked by kyley - 6 years ago
I just bought a 10 week old yorkshire terrior. shes perfect except her eyes will not stop watering. there's nothing wrong with her eyelids or the eyeball its self, it's just they will not stop watering. is this a concern? should i worry about it? How can i make them stop watering?
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cnagy7po Level 1
Answered 6 years ago
No dont worry about it. And u can go to the veterinar to chek it and theyll give him drops to put in his eyes and itll stop
nathenes Level 1
Answered 6 years ago
Holistic medicine states that watering eyes are should not be the norm, but a sign of bad nutrition..Try feeding your dog raw foods like pumpkin seeds (good for worms), fresh carrot or slightly steamed, good olive oil and some rare meat, oats and a nice big raw juicy bone (just watch your hands if you try to take it away, their instinct is at its pick). Also after a certain age(18 months) they should not eat more than once, preferably at the same time. And one day a week, give its digestive system a break and keep food away from him.

we tried it with our dogs, they were extremely healthy an dhad no watery eyes.
dwellsr6p Level 1
Answered 6 years ago
She may have a minor eye infection that you could try bathing with salty water,but you must go to the vets for best advise,or she could just have a cold in her eyes like we sometimes do,again the vet is the best advisor.
dcolemep Level 1
Answered 6 years ago
Take your dog to the vet.
Source common sense.
ajenkinson Level 1
Answered 6 years ago
take it to the vets i no it will cost alot but a vet is ur best choice
the vets should give some eye drops and then hopefully they should work
or it just might have a blocked nasil somtimes that makes ur eyes water
Source animals
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