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Asked by remember - 6 years ago
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dhay Level 14 / clinical academic
Answered 6 years ago
Well the first century covered from 1AD to 100AD, the second century from 101AD to 200AD, the third century from 201AD to 300AD... Keep going and you'll work it out yourself.
araza Level 12 / Student (High School)
Answered 6 years ago
Look at it this way. Suppose you are 13 years old. Now when you were born, lets say when you had lived 12 months which is 1 year. So AT THAT POINT you have completed 1 year of your life. After two years being completed, you say you are two years old. So when you say you are 10 years old, it actually means you have completed 10 years of your life and are CURRENTLY in your 11th year :D
mlafrance Level 1
Answered 6 years ago
1990's are called the 20th century because a century is a time period consisting of 100 years. so when the year 2000 came into play so did the 21st century.

Century (Cent----ury) Cent is translated from french to be 100
Source Simple logic
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