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Asked by Kroseboom - 5 years ago
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I have two work groups with two individuals in each. Cases to be assigned by last name need to be divided. One half of cases by last name need to go to each work group. Then 1/2 of divided cases need to go to two individuals in group.
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vinginge Level 21 / Ex Rocker with eclectic tastes
Answered 5 years ago
Unfortunately, the initial letters of last names are not uniformly spread throughout the alphabet and if historic records are not available for you to make a judgment then all you can do is give a-m to one group and n-z to the other. The same problem occurs when dividing the cases between the two individuals. For instance, there won't be too many names beginning with x and z. Equally, if you were working in Wales then the letter j would generate a substantial workload.
The answer may be that within each group rotate the case file 'letters' on a regular (say 6 monthly) basis. So that individual A in Group 1 gets a - f for 6 months and then switches to g - m for the second 6 months, and their work colleagues cover the other part.

Presumably records are maintained and it may be possible to fine tune the case distribution depending on the practical weighting associated with each letter of the alphabet.........Good Luck.
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kattmanndawg Level 27 / Here's My 2ยข Worth..
Answered 5 years ago
Either by 2 (13 times) or 13 (2 times).
hsmith99 Level 1
Answered 5 years ago
divide 26 by 2
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