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Pyramid Substructure

Under the step pyramid is a labyrinth of tunneled chambers and galleries that total nearly 6 km in length and connect to a central shaft 7m square and 28m deep[9]. These spaces provide room for the king’s burial, the burial of family members, and the storage of goods and offerings[10]. The entrance to the 28m shaft was built on the north side of the pyramid, a trend that would remain throughout the Old Kingdom[10]. The sides of the underground passages are limestone inlaid with blue faience tile to replicate reed matting. These “palace façade” walls are further decorated by panels decorated in low relief that show the king participating in the Heb-sed[10]. Together these chambers constitute the funerary apartment that mimicked the palace and would serve as the living place of the royal ka[8]. On the east side of the pyramid eleven shafts 32m deep were constructed and annexed to horizontal tunnels for the royal harem (The existence of this "harem" is debated) [8]. These were incorporated into the preexisting substructure as it expanded eastward. In the storerooms along here over 40,000 stone vessels were found, many of which predate Djoser[3]. These would have served Djoser’s visceral needs in the afterlife. An extensive network of underground galleries was located to the north, west and south of the central burial chamber and crude horizontal magazines were carved into these[5].
[edit] The Burial Chamber

The burial chamber was a vault constructed of four courses of well-dressed granite. It had one opening, which was sealed with a 3.5 ton block after the burial[4]. No body was recovered as the tomb had been extensively robbed[5]. Lauer believes that a burial chamber of alabaster existed before the one of granite. He found interesting evidence of limestone blocks with five pointed stars in low relief that were likely on the ceiling, indicating the first occurrence of what would become a tradition[5].
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The king sought to associate himself with the eternal North Stars that never set so as to ensure his rebirth and eternity[2].
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