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Asked by CONSENTIDA - 5 years ago
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 5 years ago
Hard to say, since we have no information upon which to base a judgement. All we know is how you feel. Some people, (men and women) have self image issues they have not addressed. Since they don't know it comes from within, they conclude that others are making them feel insignificant, unimportant or useless.
I'm not saying this is your problem. All I'm saying is, since we don't know anything about you and even LESS about him, any answer will be generic and probably not terribly helpful, in any specific way.
IF he is the one MAKING you feel unimportant, I would have to say you have given a thoughtless, self-involved, immature person way too much control over how you feel about yourself. You know you are worthy of better. The real question is, why do you stay within his sphere of influence, thus allowing him to continue to treat you this way?
Find a man that will treat you with the respect, affection and appreciation every human being deserves. There are plenty of them out there just waiting for a good woman who finally gets tired of being treated like crap. Go get one.
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sassiee2 Level 14 / High-end Exotic Dancer
Answered 5 years ago
Because you are allowing him to control your emotions. You should never let anyone dictate/ control you or your emotions.
RMark Level 26 / Project Manager
Answered 5 years ago
In all actuality we all care about what someone whom we love & trust has to say but there are times when that trust is misused.

I really don't think disconnecting our feeling is the answer because in effect it is making a change in ourselves, just so were able to say close to the one who isn't recognizing the pain their causing. It would be like taking someone else's medicine for a cold that is yours to begin with.

I think the best way to handle it is to slowly make yourself unavailable and only when it is noticed, should an explanation be granted.

Don't close yourself off because it will make it harder to open back up when the right person enters your life, be it a friend, neighbor, lover, or just a smiling face that reminds you of the peace in yourself that you protected so much it got smothered and burnt out.
Additional Details added 5 years ago
that is NOT yours to begin with. SORRY bout that :)
scott1289 Level 17 / Minister
Answered 5 years ago
The only one who can make you feel unimportant is you. Keep in mind that you are just as important as anyone else and THAT is a fact.
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