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Asked by msteele43 - 5 years ago
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Horrifically, starting with her first season at 6 months, and having two litters a year up until the age of (say) eight, she cab have fifteen or sixteen litters. Say there is an average of five puppies per litter (depending on the breed - most puppy farms seem to concentrate on smallish, popluar breeds such as westies, cavaliers, cairns and yorkies), she can have 75 - 80 puppies in a 7 year period. Usually when dogs are bred at this rate, and in these conditions the mortality rate of puppies and bitches if pretty high.

"Bitches are isolated and given the minimum food and water needed to keep them alive and breeding. They have little veterinary care and no exercise, stimulation or affection. There are bred from continuously until they are worn out, and when they are of no more use they are killed.
"Physical health problems are only one side of the coin. Farmed dogs' mental health is equally likely to be damaged during the crucial early weeks of development. Starving a dog of animal and human contact prevents it being socialised - learning how to relate to its owners and to other dogs. While a young puppy may still learn social skills in its new home, not all breeds respond in the same way, and for some it can be too late. Dogs may become aggressive, fail to bond with their owner, or, conversely, become overly attached. Breeding bitches may reject their puppies, or even attack them."
Rachel Dixon, Wednesday 3 February 2010

Bitches of no further use are shot, drowned, beaten to death with shovels or dumped on motorways. Puppies are almost invariably diseased, and with behavioural problems. It is a cruel, brutal and greedy trade. Fight against it.
Source Rachel Dixon, Wednesday 3 February 2010
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