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Asked by papade - 5 years ago
OK,, i have a lot of turtles in my back yard and they eat grass.. sod could be an answer
to feeding them,( plus the weeds and flowers i give them)it takes a lot of effort to feed
them and i am looking for an inexpensive solution. don't suggest getting cuttings from
the grocery store.. they wont give throw aways out anymore.. i am wondering if
when the turtles eat the existing grass,, could i put a strip of sod down for them to munch on?
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Kirinis Level 19 / retired
Answered 4 years ago
You could plant a few areas with what is called 'Green Manure' which is quick growing plants such as Alfalfa or Mustard and Cress. If you plant each section a couple of weeks apart in rotation - you will get a good supply for several months, possibly even over the winter. By having the sections fenced off - you could control when the crop is eaten.
These seeds are easy to get for this purpose and are relatively cheap.

If you can get friendly with a supermarket manager somewhere - they throw out lots of vegetables and fruit. The same goes for wholesalers.

Hope this helps.
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Additional Details added 4 years ago
Pesticides do stay in a long time and depend on the product. Apples can have a lot in the skin and need to be peeled or thoroughly washed (It has been estimated that they can have up to 40 different chemicals on each fruit)! Salad crops should have a lot less as they are more difficult to wash thoroughly.
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From papade 4 years ago
you got it..
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Peter1g Level 24 / Retired Engineer
Answered 4 years ago
In the UK you can purchase grass turf that have been grown hydroponically (in or on water) so would be herbicide free. Probably not cheap though.

However, if you have an area where you can grow your own, I would have thought that you should wait at least 6 months before allowing animals to eat it. I envisage a rotation system where you use the oldest first.
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