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Asked by star29 - 4 years ago
Additional Details added 4 years ago
when using them i stop bleeding altogether and the tampon is clean !!!.if i stop using them i come on again after a few hrs sometimes at least a day.
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worriedsick Level 37 / R.T.(R)(M), BS
Answered 4 years ago
The only things that can affect your periods are hormones. Tampons have nothing to do with whether or not you get a period. How you feel they are stopping your period may only be that you are using them at the onset of your period, or when you think you are going to get it, but in fact, you aren't having it at all. You may be spotting inbetween or cramping, which may lead you to believe you are having your period, but tampons, like pads, will do nothing to prevent your period from happening.

Perhaps this is a question you may want to ask your doctor when you go in for your annual visit, but I'm sure he'll agree that tampons have nothing to do with your periods.
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Hecate Level 48
Answered 4 years ago
Tampons are not supposed to stop your monthly bleed, but act like any other sanatary product - to soak up what your body no longer as use for.
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perhaps a vsist to the practice nurse maybe wise.
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BMoses Level 8
Answered 4 years ago
They don't stop your period...they trap the fluid before it can exit the body. Make sure you change them at least 3 times a day...if your using Tampons. They can cause Toxic Shock symptom, if you dont use them properlly. In most instances, except swimming or something like that you would be better off to use a Pad. They are not bulky like in past, anymore.
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Sorry, didn't see the additional comment. Don't know...never heard of this. Good luck with finding answer.
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