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Asked by kleigh41 - 4 years ago
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 4 years ago
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Richard Level 79 / Retired Dentist
Answered 4 years ago
1. Attending – body faces speaker, shoulders leaning forward, open and relaxed posture, good eye contact, non-distracting environment, psychological attention, limited interruptions.

2. Reflective Listening – reflects back to speaker, in listener’s own words, what has just been said. To “mirror” the speaker, for example, “What I hear you saying is….”

3. Paraphrasing – concise response which states the essence of the content, in the listener’s own words.

4. Reflecting Feelings – effectively “hearing” the feelings of another person. To put into words what the feelings that are being expressed. For example, “It sounds as if you are angry about what happened….”

5. Reflecting Meaning – reflecting back some notion of the meaning being expressed by the other person. For example, “Because you didn’t win the election, you believe the group doesn’t consider you an effective leader?”

Another way:
Ears, eyes, experience, emotion, expectation

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