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Asked by BerniceSMALL - 4 years ago
how do leeches get into your house. and where do they come from?
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MissLibby Level 3
Answered 4 years ago
Are you sure its not slugs that you have? This is what a leech looks like

Slugs are attracted by the moisture in wood, honestly, Ive never seen a leech out of water unless I count the one that was stuck to my sister after wading in the creek To get rid of the slugs,oyster shell is very good for them and cheap. You can buy a bag of it for feeding chickens (grit for their diet) at the feed store. It was suggested as an organic replacement for diatomaceous earth because here, the rain washes that away quickly. Oyster shell is in bigger pieces so easier to keep on top of the ground.
Additional Details added 4 years ago
I guess I should add, the oyster shells will go all around the foundation of your home, theis will cut the slugs up as the try to pass through them
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