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Asked by angela1962 - 4 years ago
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RMark Level 26 / Project Manager
Answered 4 years ago
I would just let nature take it's course on this one..
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Joshxoo7x27 Level 9 / hvac/r
Answered 4 years ago
pour cold wat on them!
Additional Details added 4 years ago
I mean to type pour cold water on them
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tkeeton Level 14 / Administrative Assistant
Answered 4 years ago
This is a normal process known as tying. This is to ensure when other dogs are around that she doesn't get away so to speak, and to help the sperm enter into the female dog. It is best to leave the animals alone or they could actually be hurt from forcefully trying to remove them. Just be patient the process of them separating could take up to 30 minutes even. The calmer the animal the more likely he is to calm down and release from the female.

This reminds me of a dog named Sheba I had growing up. Poor girl got dragged up the street by this other dog due to spooking her out. This information was learned because she had tears after that, and we were given this information from the vet.
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