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[erikson as referenced by this question]
Erik Erikson created an eight-stage theory of the human life cycle. In each stage, a person faces an internal struggle that develops different aspects of personality. For example, an infant's struggle is the battle between trust and mistrust; when infants feel they can trust those around them, they develop a sense of hope [source: Goleman]. In Erikson's last stage, old age, people grapple with the balance between their personal sense of integrity and defeat in the face of death and physical disintegration. If integrity wins out, then the result, according to Erikson, is wisdom.
rikson's stages of psychosocial development as articulated by Erik Erikson explain eight stages through which a healthily developing human should pass from infancy to late adulthood. In each stage the person confronts, and hopefully masters, new challenges. Each stage builds on the successful completion of earlier stages. The challenges of stages not successfully completed may be expected to reappear as problems in the future.
The stages's_s...
.1 Hope: Trust vs. Mistrust (Infants, 0 to 1 year)
.2 Will: Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt (Toddlers, 2 to 3 years)
.3 Purpose: Initiative vs. Guilt (Preschool, 4 to 6 years)
.4 Competence: Industry vs. Inferiority (Childhood, 7 to 12 years)
.5 Fidelity: Identity vs. Role Confusion (Adolescents, 13 to 19 years)
.6 Love: Intimacy vs. Isolation (Young Adults, 20 to 34 years)
.7 Care: Generativity vs. Stagnation (Middle Adulthood, 35 to 65 years)
.7.1 Central tasks of Middle Adulthood
.8 Wisdom: Ego Integrity vs. Despair (Seniors, 65 years onwards)
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Top section on [erik erikson] cited here.
Pick a character in a Winnie-the-Pooh. Identify the Erikson crisis that this character is facing and the stage of Piaget which best defines their cognitive development. Explain your answer.
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Piglet is the best friend of Winnie-the-Pooh. Despite the fact that he is a "Very Small Animal" with a stutter and a generally timid disposition, he often conquers his fears and seems to want to be brave.
Kanga is a kind-hearted, motherly character. She takes great care of Roo, and is constantly concerned with his well-being. Kanga likes to keep things clean, and when she feels especially motherly, she likes to count and organize things.
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Tigger : He is cheerful, outgoing, competitive in a friendly way, and has complete confidence in himself. Tigger appears to walk (or more often, bounce) on four feet as opposed to two. He is, however, capable of holding a pen with one of his front paws - at least well enough to make a BLOT. Though Tigger is described by Rabbit and Piglet as "large", he does not seem particularly big in the illustrations. Pooh states once "He always seems bigger because of his bounces", implying that the other animals think of Tigger as being larger than he truly is.
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Eeyore: He has a poor opinion of most of the other animals in the Forest, describing them as having "No brain at all, some of them", "only grey fluff that's blown into their heads by mistake" (from chapter 1 of The House at Pooh Corner). Physically, Eeyore is described as an "old grey donkey." In Ernest H. Shepard's illustrations, he appears to be about chin-high to Pooh and about hip-high to Christopher Robin.
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Owl is a good friend of Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, and all the other inhabitants of the Forest. He is always happy to offer his opinions, advice, and anecdotes - whether or not they are actually wanted. Owl appears to be about a head shorter than Pooh, and a little below hip-height to Christopher Robin. He is sometimes but not always drawn wearing reading glasses.
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Because of his young age, Roo is a very small animal, the smallest in the story (other than Rabbit's friends and relations, and Alexander Beetle), although he must be very close in size to Piglet since Kanga is unable to tell the difference when Piglet jumps into her pouch instead of Roo.
Rabbit likes to take charge and come up with elaborate plans, such as the one to scare Kanga by hiding Roo, and the one to "unbounce" Tigger. He is also an organizer, as in the case of the Search for Small. As detailed as his plans are, they often miss certain key points, and thus go wrong in one way or another.
Rabbit tends to include Pooh and Piglet in his plans, and he goes to Owl when there is "thinking to be done". He sees his relationship to Christopher Robin as being the one that Christopher depends on. Rabbit also has good relationships with the minor animals in the forest, who are usually referred to as his "friends-and-relations".
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Winnie the Pooh (or Pooh for short) is the simple minded, yet sweet, lovable bear and the main protagonist in the series. He always helps his friends out, thinks everyday is Thursday and his favourite food is honey.
Christopher Robin:
In the books he is a young boy who is one of Winnie-the-Pooh's best friends. His other friends are Eeyore, Kanga and Roo, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl, and Tigger. He is characterized by his uneven socks. In the second book, there are hints that Christopher Robin is growing up. In the final chapter, the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood throw him a farewell party after learning that he must leave them soon. It is implied that he is to attend boarding school.
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Rabbit(hope, friends) stage 1
Piglet(brave but self-doubting, timid) then stage 2
Roo (so small, hides) stage 3
Tigger(confident, bouncy) at stage 4
Winnie the Pooh(sweet, fidelity) stage 5
Christopher Robin(adolescence) stage 5
Kanga(love, cares for all) so stage 6
Owl(adult like) so at stage 7.
Eeyore (old, grey,cranky,sad eyes) at stage 8
[Above guesses at Erikson stages are solely my own!]
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