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Asked by daytripper - 4 years ago
How many people have faith and practice it? What is the dimension of the vast majoriity of the world?
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 4 years ago
The problem with pinning down an actual answer to this question lies in Human Nature.
You asked: "What percentage of the world population believes in God?"
"How many people have faith and practice it?"

First question: No way to know. Even if a world wide survey could be done, people often say things on surveys that aren't true. They are trying to protect their image of themselves. Since most people accept that the majority of people believe in some kind of God, nobody wants to be in the minority, so they will say they believe when they don't.

Second question: Again, no way to know. Any level of open-minded observation reveals that most of the people who SAY they have faith don't really demonstrate that in the way they behave. More than 70% of Americans claim to be Christian. The word "Christian" means they are followers of the teachings and examples set by Jesus. Tell the truth...does the behavior of 70% of Americans remind you in any way of what you have learned about Christ? Does the way they treat people remind you of him?
Many people CLAIM to have faith. Even fewer actually do. Paul said, "faith without works is dead." If you can't see their "faith" in the way they behave and the choices they make, does that faith really count?
This is true of all religions, not just Christianity. They all have people who are FIWO (Faithful in Word Only). They all have fanatics who have twisted their faith to justify evil deeds. These fanatics will answer a survey by saying they believe in God and practice their faith, but their evil deeds make that a lie.
In short there is no way to quantitatively answer thiese questions.
Human Nature.
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Rondo Level 43 / Retired, but still active
Answered 4 years ago
Another way to ask the Question is: How long is a piece of string!!
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kelarsen Level 44 / just visiting this planet
Answered 4 years ago
Not nearly enough.
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dman999914 Level 9
Answered 2 years ago
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