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Asked by debbiepage - 4 years ago
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Answered 4 years ago
As the Story Goes – There was a Young Boy, An Old Man, and A Donkey all Traveling on a Long Journey Together.

As they came upon a little town – the Young Boy and the Old man, had walked a long way – Giving their Faithful Donkey a Rest – They decided both would ride the donkey through town to rest their weary legs. As people watched they began to whisper, how could both of them ride that poor donkey, what cruelty to an animal.

Not long after the first town they came upon a second – the young boy said to the old man – You stay on the donkey and rest a bit more – While I lead you through town. Once again people started to whisper, how terrible it was – that the old man was making the young boy walk – when he looked so tired and his shoes so worn out.

They journeyed farther, as they came to a third little town, the old man said to the young man, you have been so kind to give me rest – now it is your turn to ride the donkey – as I lead you through town.
Once again, people began to whisper – What an awful, rude, lazy young man to make the old man walk.

The Moral of Loves Long Journey?

Until You have walked a Mile in my Moccasins –
You can’t judge me.

This is the only thing that came up.
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From debbiepage 4 years ago
This must be the best answer. It is not what i was thinking of, but apparently i asked the wrong question. This one is similar in context. I went back to the originators (on a wall) of where i first saw the poem of which i was thinking and it is called "Judge Gently." Ck it out; it's also great!
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Answered 4 years ago
On the same track, but shoes.
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