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Asked by sadlyon - 4 years ago
I think my girlfriend is doing meth occasionally again but have not caught her red handed. She tells me that she has been clean for 3yrs. She is often secrative about things in her life and those she hangs around with. When I confront her, say that i am woried that she may be using she gets defensive and accuses me of being back on it. She doesn't feel that I should even be asking or doubting her. What do you think?
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 4 years ago
It is possible she is lying. People also get angry and defensive when they are embarrassed or ashamed. It is possible your questions, which are based on her past failures, bring up feelings of shame and her reaction is an attempt to push those feelings away.
People also get angry and defensive when they are constantly being accused of being up to their old shenanigans. It is hard for some people to understand why it takes so long for everyone to trust them again. They feel, since they don't do that anymore, they have earned the right to be trusted and they get angry when they aren't.
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From sadlyon 4 years ago
Thanks for your help. I appreciated all that you had to say.
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Rondo Level 43 / Retired, but still active
Answered 4 years ago
Tricky one, why would she want to lie? she could be lying to cover up something or she could be defensive because she is hurt that you do not trust her. The real question is what you believe, I read from what you say, that you are already convinced she is taking something and you are looking for her to give confirmation. What really matters is how you feel about your girlfriend, is she worth standing by and supporting, if not, you need to walk away.
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