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neuro-otologists see link

The initial evaluation takes about one and a half hours and consists of an interview with a neuro-otologist. This consists of a careful discussion of your symptoms, past history, as well as a thorough neuro-otological physical exam. This interview also includes a review of old medical records/films that you may have brought. The neuro-otologist will then discuss with you and your family any tests that might be needed.

Frequently, a test called an ENG is required. This is a comprehensive battery of tests that evaluates inner ear balance function, the brain balance centers, and body stability. The tests may be done the same day or on a future day as needed. The ENG takes 90 minutes. The ENG may be done before or after you see the neuro-otologist. You may also get a hearing test (audiogram). Following the evaluations, you and your family, as well as your doctor(s), will be informed of the results of the findings, and the plan for management.
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