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Asked by mickey100 - 4 years ago
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andrada Level 2
Answered 4 years ago
No . Thats why detentions are scheduled at later dates so you as the parent can allow or contest.
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 4 years ago
Under the heading of "be careful what you ask for because you might get it," I have seen touchy parents contest the detention of their child only to have the school suspend the student instead.
Rather than asking, "can the school give my child detention without my permission?" I have found it more productive to ask the school why they think my child deserved the detention. Usually, they were right. Sometimes they weren't. It just seemd to be a good idea at the time to find out which was the case before I reacted with indignation. It saved me embarrassment and taught my children that Mommy and Daddy weren't always going to be there to protect them from the consequences of their actions.
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purple_ni Level 4 / education
Answered 4 years ago
i think the can keep you child after school. but for only half hour i think, thats what it was when i was at school (not so long ago) if its any longer than that they need your permission otherwise its classed as kidnaping
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