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Asked by future_model - 5 years ago
i have been using my finger to vomit for the past 1-2 months. now (the past 1 week) i have been vomiting after every single meal without my fingers. it just comes up. i have been trying to stop but i have been fining it hard (im sure i will manage though lol). why is it that after eating everything comes up again? it can;t stay down no matter the quantity or the type of food.
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Answered 5 years ago
You have a very commom problem among people who have a need to be thin, especially models. It is called bulimia nervosa. It starts by forcing oneself to regurgitate food by inducing vomiting. In time, it becomes easier to do, until the body begins to do it automatically any time food and even fluids are ingested. This can lead to malnutrition, dehydration and even death. After the psychology and physicology have been set in place, the victim no longer has control. And that is why you need to talk to a doctor. You have lost control of your mind and body's reaction to food. You need assistance, education, and support to get it back. Start with the article below. I have chosen one excerpt for you to read from that site.

When to Seek Medical Care
Any sign that a person may be suffering from an eating disorder is reason for that person to be evaluated by a doctor. People with bulimia generally have feelings of guilt about their behavior and are less likely than those with anorexia to deny that a problem exists when interviewed by an understanding professional. Your doctor would be a good first contact. The initial evaluation could help determine if a serious medical complication exists. Referrals to therapists experienced in the treatment of eating disorders can then be made.

Bulimia can cause a number of serious medical conditions that could require urgent treatment.

•Severe weakness or abdominal pain should be evaluated as soon as possible.
•Vomiting blood could indicate a tear of the esophagus or stomach.
•Many people with bulimia also suffer from clinical depression, and any behavior or statements from someone that suggests that the person may be contemplating suicide is reason to bring that person in for evaluation at once.
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