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Asked by sjdude911 - 4 years ago
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 4 years ago
It happens. It means nothing. Just as it is not fair for someone else to hold your feet to the fire over something that happened in a dream, it makes no sense for you to do it to yourself, either.
Dreams are a free zone. Let it go. It was just a dream. Of course, if you woke from the dream, called her and said, 'hey, I just had a great dream about you. Want to get together?' that would be different
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Scott1829 Level 26 / Semi-Retired
Answered 4 years ago
I would imagine that's going to happen for awhile, but as Alan said, nothing to worry about. Unless, of course, you keep having such dreams AFTER you get another girlfriend. In which case, it means that you haven't totally gotten over your ex-girlfriend.
Shebot Level 36
Answered 4 years ago
You were feeling horny and she's the last person you were with.
You still have feelings for her, but i think you know it's time to move on, hence why your annoyed with yourself.
Time is a great healer but you'll not be helping yourself if you still think about her and such. Might be a good idea not to be around her for awhile.
Absence makes the heart forgetful, the mind makes it fonder. In other words do all you can to forget about her and move on.
RMark Level 26 / Project Manager
Answered 4 years ago
Sounds like you ended things on the wrong note..
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