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Asked by randonnelson - 4 years ago
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Answered 4 years ago
The choice of insurance programs is enormous, but the health maintainance or home management programs have one goal in mind. To provide the best care at the lowest cost. So far, no insurance program has been successful with that goal. The real problems come when the individual doesn't understand his own health needs now, and has difficulty projecting what he may need in the future. That is where we could all use the help of a health counselor, not just the salesperson for the insurance company you are considering. Talk to the personelle who can tell you more than the co-pay rates. Find out if the agencies, doctors, labs, hospitals,facilities, etc that you trust accept the insurance plan you are considering before you join. It is difficult for a healthy older person to find the right plan, so I am sure that those with chronic illnesses are even more baffled. Make a list of questions you need answered and get them. Don't gamble on your care. Good luck and good health.
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