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Asked by ddaggs78 - 4 years ago
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lough Level 6 / Mechanic
Answered 4 years ago
Today they call it the ice bridge, when in the ice age Russia and Alaska where connected by ice...
ynes Level 51
Answered 4 years ago
Russia and Alaska were connected by an isthmus called Berengia. The link is great!
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joensf Level 81
Answered 4 years ago
it was actually a land bridge, but i'll be wrong and say boat.
worriedsick Level 37 / R.T.(R)(M), BS
Answered 4 years ago
The Bering Land Bridge was a sheet of ice that connected Russia to what is now Alaska back in the Ice Age. It was by this that both man and animals migrated back and forth from Europe to America. It is also felt that man arrived by boat from Japan, China and Siberia by crossing the Bering Strait.

Mummified human remains found in Western Nevada are felt to be Japanese in origin, which supports this theory.

Read these two articles about the Bering Land Mass and the migration of both humans and animals.
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