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Asked by Sandieweeks - 3 years ago
The directions on an Angel Food cake mix say to mix in a metal or glass mixing bowl. Why can't you mix this cake mix in a plastic bowl as you can with all other cake mixes? How would it make the cake turn out any different if you used a plastic mixing bowl?
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mboutilier Level 55 / Living life to the fullest!
Answered 3 years ago
Because you're only using egg whites and not the yolks for angel food cake, you can't use plastic bowls - it's the same with meringue. Avoid plastic or wooden bowls because of their naturally porous surface which attracts grease; grease or fat deflates egg whites. Never use aluminum which reacts with the egg whites causing them to turn slightly gray. Use stainless steel or glass bowls (don't use aluminum - it will cause the batter to turn gray)
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From Sandieweeks 3 years ago
You never cease to amaze me!!
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Answered 3 years ago
I believe the egg whites react to the plastic which somtimes is greasy.
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lety89 Level 3
Answered 3 years ago
the reason why is because the egg whites need to be completely grease free and the plastic makes it create grease when mixed.
hope it some sort of help :)
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kelarsen Level 31 / just visiting this planet
Answered 3 years ago
Plastic bowls "sweat"/have a "filmy" substance to them. This does not react well with egg whites. Glass or stainless steel is much better on the whole for most baking anyway. A stainless steel French whisk is the best mixing utensil, instead of the plastic mixing spoons which seem to be everywhere nowadays. Anything plastic has this filmy quality to it; also plastic doesn't wear as well--you may notice "scritch" marks in it--I think of these marks as germ catchers. I won't use plastic if possible.
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