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Asked by ceco1221 - 4 years ago
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joensf Level 82
Answered 4 years ago
health or safety issues
Additional Details added 4 years ago
by the way i'm so sure of that, and they must be real, i've seen people who think "i don't have a smoke detector" it's unlivable, they must be real!
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Wendyv Level 8 / Sales Associate
Answered 4 years ago
Safety Issues such as, Carbon Minoxide gas appliances not vented properly through bad chimney's venting ect. Bad roof structure or eavestroughing that could cause structural damage in a storm. House off foundation at any point or foundation crumbling. No heat or hydro available to structure. Basically if you wouldn't let your pets in they won't let people in.
dargu Level 10
Answered 4 years ago
broken fixtures,no electricity,or water, leaks, garbadeg in yard, mold,broken windows. at least that's what section 8 inspecters look for. but if your buying a house. i'm sure other things are checked out besides what i mentioned.
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