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Asked by spa1 - 3 years ago
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BMoses Level 8
Answered 3 years ago
One partner can end up working a lot harder than the other...then the partner that is shouldering the most burden... ends up covering for the lazier one...because if they dont, they make the company look bad.
Another problem can be shared account access. One partner is spending and the other is trying to pay the bills and keep it real. Another problem can be that the other co-workers can feel threatended by the perceived allegiance, or the working partners can appear to be expecting favours to fair rules that apply to all...because they feel a bigger threat to the company, if they both quit at once.
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kattmanndawg Level 25 / Here's My 2ยข Worth..
Answered 3 years ago
I don't understand: working relationships.. If your referring to the workforce in general and those you work with in particular then it's envy, jealousy and threats.
(1) If you can't cut it then the others are taking up your slack.. This can eventually end up in threats (of ousting you) because you are not considered an asset rather a burden to those who must work harder to maintain factory quotas..
(2) The opposite can apply, you excell.. Do a 110% and are consistant in both productivity and safety.. This brings on envy and jealousy from the others who have been working under par for many months or years without incident from those in charge, now they not only must stay up with you (to not be seen as slackers themselves) but must consistantly over excell (to prove their tenure is justifiable to the brass).. Soon you find hidden enemies every where trying to set you up for termination so the rest can go back to.. "the way it's always been"..
(3) If everyone works according to their abilities, mind their own business and position and welcome those who continue the progress with open arms then there's no possibility of working problems on the job.
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Sarahlove Level 4 / Teacher
Answered 3 years ago
If decisions have to be made and you both disagree it can cause conflict, working close to each other 24.7 can also get on some people nerves and make them see another side to the other person. work should be kept as work and friendships or relationships out of work. work could be the effect of the relationship as peoples different characters come out so such things as being greedier and competetive
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