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Asked by anojaa - 4 years ago
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labarca Level 68
Answered 4 years ago
Terry Fox had two great character traits. He had courage and he was also caring. He had courage because he had an artificial leg and was running across Canada to raise money for cancer research. He also was caring because he cared for all the children he met who had cancer.

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kelarsen Level 41 / just visiting this planet
Answered 4 years ago
Another of Terry Fox's traits was his passion. He was extraordinarily passionate about a cure for cancer. He was passionate not to have others suffer as he suffered; he was passionate that the disease be stopped forever. He was passionate about everyone in the country being aware of what a devastating disease cancer is. He was passionate that young children be given a chance to beat this disease.
His courage, though, I believe, was his greatest trait. That courage will never be forgotten.
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