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Asked by mrjack3 - 3 years ago
I know that the co2 cartridges actually have liquid in them and some how it's turned into gas. Also does cold weather affect the gas magazines of airsoft guns?
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Richard Level 76 / Retired Dentist
Answered 3 years ago
It is not advisable to use the gun in cold temperature especially in cold season. The gas is influenced by temperature. In cold weather, it takes more gas to fire a shot than in warm weather. In this condition the gas airsoft gun cannot cycle well.
As hot weather can cause gas to become too powerful, cold weather can render an airsoft gun useless. This is because the cold temperature reduces the gas pressure, which in turn disables the firing action since there's no power behind the shot. Another problem that can occur in cold weather is the valve may remain open after taking a shot, which will let the rest of the gas seep.
The most versatile gas propellant for an airsoft gun would be CO2; however, guns that use CO2 are notorious for being complicated and difficult to maintain.
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For guns that can take several types of gasses, the breakpoint is 40 degrees. Usually this can not be done with co2 guns.
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From mrjack3 3 years ago
Thanks for the great information!
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