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Asked by nellgullion123 - 4 years ago
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Answered 4 years ago
"What works for me is to use a tip I read in the Old Tightwad Gazette newsletters. Use 2/3 ratio. If the recipe calls for 1 cup shortening use 2/3 cup of your oil of choice. The person that shared that tip had won a blue ribbon in the county fair for her biscuits. I find it works." - reva ewing
see more info at website (url given below).

On shortening vs cooking oil -
Compared by weight they are equal. Melted, the same weight in
Crisco will yield the same amount of volume. Just melt the Crisco
ingredient first, then pour like the Wesson oil to measure out a half-cup.
By volume, more Crisco is needed.

Health notice -
Since shortening is basically hydrogenated oil, replacing it is good idea. Hydrogenated oil is the major source of transfats, which is now known to be even more dangerous than saturated fats. It's been implicated in many many diseases. In other words, using pure butter is healthier than using vegetable shortening. In fact, animal lard may also be healthier.
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