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Asked by Lndbndr2 - 3 years ago
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tbrucenyc Level 32 / Recording Engineer retired
Answered 3 years ago
They have a business...

They also probably get paid by the production company that shoots the series.

Income tax records are not public records.
I suppose you could email them and ask how much they make.

How much do you make by the way?
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Gumboy Level 55 / fun guy
Answered 3 years ago
'Pickers is a really great show with great guys. It's a very popular
show and Dish and the rest are positively rolling in millions from it!
IF these guys AREN'T not making EACH $1 M plus per year I'll eat my
hat (if it ain't an antique one!),
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Richard Level 77 / Retired Dentist
Answered 3 years ago
They can't be doing too good with their shop operations. My guess is that they make just enough to make it worth their while to keep doing something they enjoy.
They make a lot from the show. So now they are doing very good indeed.

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