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The difference between bone and cartilage is that while bones are hard tissue that form the skeletal structure of the human body, cartilages are not as hard and rigid as bones, and present in areas of the body like the ear, nose and joints.
The structure of bones is a combination of living and dead cells embedded in a matrix. The outer hard layer of the bone is referred to as compact bone and has few spaces. The internal part of bone also called spongy tissue is porous and harbours the bone marrow and blood vessels. Other tissue found in bone includes endosteum, periosteum and nerves. Bone matrix has organic (mineral) components and inorganic components such as collagen. Bone formation is the result of hardening of this matrix

Cartilage essentially consists of chondrocyte cells which produces extracellular matrix consisting of collagen fibres, proteoglycan and elastin fibres and different types of cartilage contain these components in different proportions. Cartilage, unlike bones, does not contain blood vessels.

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