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Vitamin A • Helps eyes adjust to dim light Fish-liver oils, liver,
• Helps keep skin healthy butter, cream, whole
• Helps keep lining of mouth, nose, milk, egg yolks, dark
throat, and digestive tract green vegetables
healthy and resistant to infection.
Vitamin D • Helps body use calcium and Fish-liver oils, fortified
phosphorus milk, exposure to sunlight
Vitamin E • Helps keep red blood cells intact Wheat germ, soybeans,
• Protects vitamin A corn and cottonseed oils
Vitamin K • Necessary for clotting of blood Cauliflower, liver,
green leaves such as spinach and cabbage Water-Soluble
Vitamin C • Helps hold body cells together Citrus fruits, tomatoes,
and strengthens walls of blood strawberries, cantaloupes, vessels. cabbage, broccoli, potatoes
• Helps heal wounds
• Helps build bones and teeth
Thiamin (B1) • Helps the body get energy from food Pork, liver, and other
• Helps keep nerves in healthy condition organ meats, whole-grain
• Promotes good appetite and digestion or enriched cereals and
breads, soybeans, peanuts, milk
Riboflavin (B2) • Helps the body get energy from food Milk, organ meats,
• Promotes healthy skin, eyes, and enriched breads and
clear vision cereals
Niacin • Helps the body produce energy Lean meats, fish, poultry,
• Helps maintain health of skin, tongue liver, kidney, whole-wheat
digestive tract, and nervous system and enriched cereals and
• Aids digestion and good appetite breads, peanuts
Folic Acid • Necessary for building blood cells Widespread in food. Liver,
• Works with B12 kidney, orange juice, and
deep green leafy vegetables are highest sources.
Pyridoxine • Helps the body use food Wheat, liver, kidney,
(B6) • Helps build blood cells whole-grain cereals,
soybeans, peanuts, corn Cobalamin • Helps build blood cells Liver, meats, milk,
(B12) • Promotes a healthy nervous system eggs, cheese
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