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Asked by cpettway - 3 years ago
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labarca Level 69
Answered 3 years ago
Just a guess----- but it could come from earlier time before checks were perforated and had to be cut from a sheet or book of checks.

But don't take this answer to the bank. :))
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adw61 Level 55 / Writer
Answered 3 years ago
Good question. Since checks are usually torn out of the checkbook along the perforation created to facilitate this action, "cutting" is unnecessary.
It should be called "tearing" a check, or the verb should refer to the writing of the check, rather than the method used to remove it from the checkbook.
On the same subject, why do people say "try and" when they mean "try to", or they say "ramp up" when they mean "amp up." When something goes UP a ramp, it LOSES momentum, which is the exact opposite of what they intend the phrase to mean. When you say you will "try AND" do something, you are promising to try AND you are promising to get it done. "Try to" simply means you will make the effort, but you are not promising success.
The point is, people say all sorts of things that make no sense, and they never think what they are really communicating when they say these things.
There will probably be someone who reads this and mumbles "I could care less," when they should say "I COULDN'T care less." I hear that one all the time.
It gets annoying, especially when I hear highly paid journalists doing the same things or pronouncing "jewelry" as "jewlary" or "realtor" as "real-a-tor." They should know better.
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AncientHacker Level 12
Answered 3 years ago

Many official checks do not have the amount written in by hand, but instead have a special embossing machine stamp in the amount, and it makes little cuts in the paper so the numbers can't be erased and changed.
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Sparky5458 Level 63 / Retired Golfer
Answered 3 years ago
Done by a paymaster machine.
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