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Asked by rjones57 - 3 years ago
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Xmetalrocker Level 32 / Pirate ;-)
Answered 3 years ago
I hope not ;-)
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Gumboy Level 55 / fun guy
Answered 3 years ago
I tend to agree. I think it's called native intelligence also know as
"common sense; knowledge not gained through formal education."
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Richard Level 78 / Retired Dentist
Answered 3 years ago
The answer is partly. The environment can influence this in many ways, also.

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ynes Level 51
Answered 3 years ago
Intelligence is the result of a combination of nature and nurture. It also depends on how you are measuring intelligence, all available tests have some sort of bias.
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labarca Level 68
Answered 3 years ago
Those little garden statues? Oh, wait a minute........never mind.
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killuagirlCC Level 6 / A Diligent Reader XD
Answered 3 years ago
I guess not 100%. I know some who are intelligent because are able to inherit it in their parents, that is where the genomes appear. But I guess, part of it will come from the willingness and perseverance of the child to learn. I believe that even how smart a child is, if he is not willing or does not take any industry to study, it will be useless.

So I guess it will be 30% genes and 70% attitude towards work and study.
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gmiller65 Level 1
Answered 3 years ago
I don't think so

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